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Here at A Farm In The North we live at 59 degrees north in the majestic and awe inspiring Orkney archipelago. I am building a small permaculture homestead here on our 5 acres and currently have a small flock of the rare Orkney Boreray sheep and a mix of smaller animals to feed the family and the land. We have planted a 50 tree orchard and a 1 acre woodland filled with native and wind resistant species. Wind can be brutal here, so a lot of the first few years here will be about establishing wind breaks to keep our other areas of the farm safe. 

The workshop side of things is a huge passion of mine, I love to craft, in all forms, I aim to learn as many skills as I can before my time and teach others what I have learnt along the way. I currently work with all metals, bone, leather, Orkney Boreray horns and hides, stone and I am hoping to move on to clay work and glass work soon enough, I LOVE to craft. Especially items of Norse culture and history, my ancestors were from the North and I feel called to create authentic Viking period pieces of jewellery and tools. All my items are hand made and mostly hand made with hand tools (hand tools are another passion of mine) you wont find any chinese made anything on my site, it's all hand made from raw materials here in Orkney.

Growing food and regenerative agriculture is also a big passion of mine, I grow as much food as I can for my family and aim to be self sufficient for food within 5 years. At the same time I intend to build a small market garden NPO where I grow a lot more food than I need and give away all the extra food to any one on our island who needs it. 

The weather here during Winter is challenging and brings many difficulties along with it, but the skies are so incredible, the wind is breath-taking and invigorating, the night sky and northern lights are magical and fill me with absolute wonder, the sunrises and sets are so full of colour.

The summers are warm and welcoming, with white sandy beaches, clear, turquoise seas that sit still in the bays like a lake between islands, the fauna here and flora is beautiful and diverse, with whales and puffins to butterflies, moths, seals with their pups, rare plants, gorgeous wild flowers and many mushrooms for those with the eye to hunt them. 

All this is set within the rolling landscape of the Orkney archipelago, we are surrounded by views of our neighbouring islands and breath-taking seas that crash against shear cliffs filled with stacks and caves, the many beaches are wonderfully framed within their bountiful bays where boats filled with fisherman go to work to supply Orkney with fresh local fish.

This is a wonderful place to be and I am blessed to be among it. 


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