Hand Crafted In Orkney

Here at A Farm In The North we live at 59 degrees north in the majestic and awe inspiring Orkney archipelago, where I am building a small permaculture homestead here on our 5 acres

Creating is a huge passion of mine, one way I express that is through my craft, in all forms, I aim to learn as many skills as I can before my time and teach others what I have learned along the way. I currently work with all metals, bone, leather, Orkney Boreray horns and hides, stone and I am hoping to move on to clay work and glass work soon enough, I LOVE to craft. Especially items of Norse culture and history, my ancestors were from the North and I feel called to create authentic Viking period pieces of jewellery and tools, along with some more modern items and designs.

All my items are hand made and mostly hand made with hand tools (hand tools are another passion of mine). Everything I make is crafted by hand from raw materials here in Orkney.

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  • The farm

    The farm is a big part of our lives, we aim to be as self reliant as we can through the Homestead

  • The Craft

    My aim is to continue to expand the variety of crafts and items available, using locally sourced materials.

  • The Plant Nursery

    We will be selling fruit bushes, fruit trees, deciduos and evergreen trees, shrubs and perrenial herbs, amongst other plants, very soon!

  • The Market Garden

    Alongside the growth of our vegetables and fruit, we are hoping to offer all excess vegetables and fruit to the island commnunity.