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Thors Hammer

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This is a Forged, hand made, iron, viking style, mjolnir pendant, a Thors Hammer to be proud of. This design looks awesome when worn and has a beautiful copper twist ring for the cord necklace.

60mm tall approx
35mm wide approx

100% hand made, with a light clear coat of lacquer to help prevent rusting

A little Lore:

Thor is one of the most loved and honoured of the Ancient Germanic Gods. The Hammer of Thor, Mjolnir (The Crusher) is depicted in Norse Mythology as one of the most formidable and dominant weapons in the world, able of flattening mountains.

Forged by the Dwarven brothers Eitri and Brokkr through Lokis trickery it was the 3rd gift to the Gods and is the weapon that Thor uses to fight for the Gods, Goddesses, Mankind and their Allies against the bringers of turmoil and carnage, The Giants.