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Raidho Viking Ship A4 Print

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FromAn A4 print of my Raidho painting.

This is an impression of the elder futhark rune "Raidho" ᚱ it's literal translation means "ride". This rune represents Journey, inner compass, vehicle, nobility and the path (with many more deeper meanings)
Raidho is the living story of the journey our lives take and the directions that our life path leads and pulls us to. There is an inner compass within us all and the best way to tap into the Raidho energy and meaning is by following our interests and passions; our life goals and dreams.
Raidho is an active energy always in motion in our lives, from a bracing sea voyage, to traveling to the front door or walking the dog in the woods, raidho is the journey into the present.
The old ways and times made it easier in regards to living in the present moment, it is a valuable skill that fine tunes our focus and awareness.
Raidho also serves as a protection whilst traveling in it's ability to reveal hidden dangers along the path so that no new or strange place/circumstance can sneak up on us.
And lastly Raidho teaches the right balance between respecting our own rights, and the rights of others. It is linked to kingship/leadership/nobility, which are not acquired by birth right but earned and held by merit.
There is so much more depth to this Rune and I hope that I have captured that for you all to see 😊

Measurements A4 297mmx 210mm
Paper weight Heavy 280-300gsm
Printed single sided

All prints come numbered and signed by PhoenixFeathersArt

Packaging eco friendly materials.
Postage via 1st class tracked royal mail.
Free postage to the UK

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